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Weed Rippers

Environmental Weed Control - A friendly alternative to spraying

As weed control changes, many sprays have been dicontinued, new ways need to be found to control weeds on hard surfaces.  To accommodate these changes we have for several years imported the Nimos range of mechanical Weed Ripping machines.  These have the benefit of not only removing the weeds but also the detritus which forms the seed beds for later growth.

Optional heads for these machines include fine metal bristle brushes which are excellent for less robust surfaces such as block paving where moss is a big problem.

Nimos Weedripper_2_image4

The Mosquito by Nimos is a pedestrian controlled Weed Ripper, ideal for back edges, pathways etc and can also be used with alternative brushes for removal of moss etc on block paving and other sensitive surfaces.

The Mosquito has the benefit in that it removes detritus as well as weeds, so removing the bed in which new weeds will grow, it also gives an instantaneous effect in that weeds are gone rather than dying and remaining in-situ as with spraying. 

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Nimos Weedripper Block Paving_image2

The Mosquito c/w fine metal brush is the ideal machine for cleaning moss from block paving, tarmac etc. Running at a low speed this machine causes minimal disruption to the more sensitive areas and is very effective at cleaning block paving etc from both large and small areas without the need for re sanding. It also removes moss from tarmac without disturbing the surface and is good for some back edges and kerb sides where weed growth isn't huge. Please click the link below to see the video


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Nimos ECO-40 Weed Ripper_image5

The ECO-40 is powered hydraulically via the tractors rear PTO. to a rear mounted oil tank, providing power to the front mounted Weed Ripper.  This is an efficient machine allowing large areas to be covered such as rural pathways and roadsides etc as well as more traditional back alleys, roadways and paths.

An optional hydro-electric pack gives finger tip control via a joystick for the perfect finish.

The brush arm will travel to both sides of the tractor and the brush can rotate in either direction.


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Nimos ECO-60 Weed Ripper

The ECO-60 is a front-mounted Weedripper specifically used for large-scale operations.  It is used as a means of ridding kerb lines, cutting out/back weeds from pavement edges etc., and is very useful to getting rid of moss.  It is easy to use and maintain, economical and environmentally friendly.

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Nimos OKB-4 Weed Ripper_image2

The Porter OKB-4 is a self propelled hydraulically driven implement carrier which can be fitted with the mechanical weed ripper, it can be specified as a three or four wheel variant and is ideal for roads and large open areas.

It has the same benefits in that the brush is instantaneous in removing weeds and a skilled operator can clear large ares quickly and efficiently.

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Nimos DM-Trac-OKB-110 Weed Ripper

A multi purpose articulated implement carrier which is used for mechanical weed control and cutting back of road edges and verges.  Ideal for motorway verges, causeways and expansive areas where continual cutting of weeds is necessary.

This is the ultimate in mechanical weed ripping technology.

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